mardi 31 mai 2016


By Bernard Bujold - 
A friend, in one of my former life, recently invited me to visit the Penthouse of a building for which he is the developer. I gladly accepted because I love to admire the beautiful scenery and beautiful apartments! 
However, I had to put a hold on my passion because I soon found, once there, his invitation was for a visit of a penthouse on construction (concrete slabs ...). Probably my favorite candidate for the US Presidency, Donald would have enjoyed the visit, since he knows and love the field of construction, but in my case, I would have preferred the penthouse in its habitable state... Coffee, however, was delicious and the view of the city beautiful and unique. 
Picture 1: Bernard Bujold during the visit;
Pictures 2, 3 and 4: The Construction site;
Picture 5: Donald Trump;

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