dimanche 11 septembre 2016

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001
By Bernard Bujold -
That was 15 years ago... 
I was the director of communications for Air France at the Montreal office and we were working on a huge commercial expansion plan for Canada. 
I went down for a coffee at the small restaurant at the entrance of the building. There was a TV screen behind the counter and suddenly everyone started to look at it. 
At first I thought it was an accident somewhere in the world and that a small plane type Cessna had hit a building... 
The reality was different, however, and it was the worst tragedy that America had known since the Second World War. Within a few hours all airports were closed and no one will ever take a plane trip as before. 
Needless to say that the expansion plans of Air France worldwide were canceled and I was terminated by the company a few weeks later... 

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