mardi 12 septembre 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
Donald Trump was a great campaigner during the US Presidential election of 2016, if not the greatest of all, and Hillary Clinton admit it in her new book WHAT HAPPENED. 
She is also adding, of course, that Donald Trump is a very bad President, but that is another story... 
More and more political observers and journalists, even those who voted against him, are admitting that Donald Trump is lot similar in his way of doing things as was Ronald Reagan in his days. 
Reagan was a real champion during the election against Jimmy Carter but got a very slow start as President. He was called the "Hollywood Actor" like Donald Trump is called the "Reality TV Host". But at the end of his two mandates as President, Ronald Reagan was considered one of greatest President in the modern history of the United States. 
Many think that the same judgment will be applied to Donald Trump after his time. 
Personally, Donald Trump's style remember me the one of Brian Mulroney as both had the same political message during their campaign to change the way things are managed in the government. In 1984, I was on the Brian Mulroney's team when he promised to change Ottawa and give to it the private sector spin in management. Running on this program, he elected 211 members on a possibility of 282, the largest landslide majority government in Canada history. 
Donald Trump promised the same thing about Washington. 
But Brian Mulroney discovered early after his election victory that the state is not manageable like a private enterprise and he had to adjust his government team. Brian also discovered that he needed two types of teams: one to win the election and another to manage the government. 
Donald Trump is discovering the same situation in Washington and he is also adjusting his team and his way as the manager of the state. His collaboration with Democrats is also making a lot of good sense because during the campaign he was in many ways an independent candidate and most Republican leaders even refused to support him. Donald Trump electoral base was very independent and even more Democrat than Republican. 
One could say that Donald Trump is indeed the first Independent President! 
But the real conclusion is, that like Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump is the President of the people and I am convinced that he will find his way to success! 
For the moment, he is spinning the racing car and getting his hands well on the wheel! 
To be continued... 

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