mercredi 14 juin 2017


By Bernard Bujold -
The passage of time has always brought me deeply to reflect. 
We live a moment and, a few hours or days, months or years later, this moment will be no more than a memory. 
Yet memory has indeed existed in a real universe but it becomes completely virtual. May it be the environment of our childhood; our loves; our challenges; our passions; our lusts; our happiness and our misfortunes; everything will eventually become memory and virtual! 
Our memory is probably an approximation to eternity but one cannot live in memory, so one cannot live either in the eternity which prevents humans from being eternal... 
And to further complicate our live in regard of the passage of time, a human brain which is normally wired would be oriented towards the continual planning of the events of our future, outside the now moment. A brain that stops planning for the future bring back the human to the status of the animal whose brain is only oriented towards the search for the next meal. Three frequently used objects in our everyday life illustrate well the passage of time. The clock, the mirror and the camera. I had fun with these three objects trying to illustrate my personal passage of time! 
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