jeudi 12 octobre 2017


by Bernard Bujold- 
The universal questioning: Does God exist? The two fundamental questions by humans facing God: "What is the origin of the universe and how life began on earth; and the most important: where do we go after our human life?" 
The debate about God is divided into two groups: those who believe in an eternal god and those who believe in pure science. 
Dan Brown's new novel "ORIGIN" uses this questioning between God and science to develop the story of his book. 
In fact, his novel focuses on the advances of the computer vis-à-vis humans, in particular the voice recognition. The many chapters of the book on artificial intelligence are profoundly captivating for technology lovers, but will terrorize the humanists and those who believe in the supremacy of the human. 
The novel does not offer a definitive answer to the questioning of God but Dan Brown shows us an obvious fact: the machine is already capable of replacing the human and even do better! His narrative is serious and reflects the current scientific reality but the text is also romanticized to the flavor of a polar as only Brown is able to do it! 
Also, the place of his novel is totally in the news since most of the action is happening in Spain...  
Personally I am not a believer of any religion even though I have several friends in the Catholic religion. Since I grew up in a presbytery while my aunt was the servant of the parish priest in the Gaspé region, I have always retained much affection for the atmosphere of the churches of the Catholic religion but I consider that all religions are community-based organizations that are very useful to society but are politically managed and have nothing to do with God as such. Besides, we may question, assuming that the religious god exists, what religion is it? Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, or other? And if we push the question even further, what about the devil? 
If for many, life is a creation of an all-powerful god, there are many other who coldly believe that the universe and life are the work of pure science. And if religions place the world at the center of the universe, science places the earth as a simple particle among the infinity of stars and solar systems. A theory even wants that the machine (the computer) will totally replace one day human life in the universe. If the machine succeeds in reproducing itself, it will then become eternal. 
As far as I am concerned, I believe that God is in each one of us who are at the same time in our soul: god and devil. The universe is a sum of energy and this energy rests on a scientific equilibrium. This energy includes light, fire, planets, stars, our sun, etc. Each of us is surrounded by this energy and, through our interaction with our small near-universe (the planet earth and its components), we become sometimes god (good) or sometimes devil (evil ) according to our current decisions and actions.  
Evidently this is a hypothesis, as for life, like as for God, both remains a mystery for each of us, myself included! And a mystery is sometimes the best value! 
When I was a teenager, I remember one night watching the stars in the sky while I was lying by a lake. After a moment I was seized with giddiness in my gaze at the infinite depths of the stars and I had stopped watching so much the fear of losing myself took hold of me. 
Conclusion: The mystery is more pleasant if one ceases to want to solve it and if one simply accepts the present moment of life! In addition, in my case, I love the machines ... 

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