jeudi 5 octobre 2017


By Bernard Bujold - 
The columnist Luc Lavoie made a serious mistake and it is not his joke but his immediate apology! 
Indeed, by writing on his Facebook that his comment was odious, he came to give credibility to the vague accusations from his opponents on Internet networks. His response demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the current techniques surrounding social media, which is rather surprising for the expert than he is in the field of traditional media. 
I knew Luc Lavoie in many moments during my former lives: first in Ottawa where he was a parliamentary correspondent and I was an assistant with Brian Mulroney; in Montreal at National when he was a partner of Luc Beauregard and me the communications manager at Quebecor; and finally directly to Quebecor when he took over my position of Director of Communications with Pierre-Karl Péladeau while I had previously held the same position but for the founding father. 
Luc Lavoie is a guy who seems abrupt with his voice too serious to be sympathetic but who is very generous in intimacy towards his friends. 
On the professional level, Luc loves to improvise! When he was a journalist in Ottawa, he was recognized by his TV team to wait until the last minute before finalizing his reports and very often he acted "ad lib" in front of the cameraman. At the time it worked well but it was before social media. 
Today, even Brian Mulroney admits that he would not really know how to manage public relations with social media. 
Donald Trump is one of the few politicians who understood the trick. The machine must be continually energized and the subject (scandal) of the day must be fed by another on tomorrow and another the next tomorrow. It can become breathless unless you like the rhythm ... One must also never apologize for the scandal of the day! 
In the case of Luc, he should have returned the next day with another joke but he made the mistake of apologizing immediately after his broadcast admitting that he had been totally odious. He panicked and when we panic, we fall. 
Donald never apologizes and he keeps putting it on. That is what makes him strong. Never panic! 
Pierre Peladeau said that life is like bicycling. If you stop pedaling, you fall ... 
The career of Luc Lavoie is finished because for TVA, Luc has become a distraction rather than an added value. The logic for the TV network is to simply move on to something else to make forget this fall... 

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