lundi 1 janvier 2018


by Bernard Bujold
The year 2017 ends and at each New Year's party, I like to make a "report" before embarking on the future and "predict" what will be the new year!
From the last year, I retain the following elements, which will influence 2018:


Smartphone photography has definitely replaced traditional photography. Just compare photos taken with IPhone X with those of a conventional camera to understand;

The arrival of "Google Home" in our living rooms is in a very primary stage but the future of the internet will develop from this kind of machine and artificial intelligence;

I read hundreds of books in 2017, of which I put the following three at the top of my readings:

1. "ORIGINS" by Dan Brown, certainly a prophetic look at the future of our humanity.

2. "LET TRUMP BE TRUMP", a look at the most notorious politician of our entire planet,

3. "TWO NIGHTS" by Kathy Reichs, her new character Sunnie is so captivating that one almost gets to forget the very famous BONES;


There was a period when I was a daily fan of CNN and Anderson Cooper. In 2017, I may have listened to Cooper a dozen times at the beginning of the year, but since June, I have completely abandoned CNN and I am a regular at FOX News;

There was a time when I read dozens of paper newspapers every day. During the last year, I read only one: the WSJ and I sometimes flipped through a few others, from time to time;

It will be necessary to see how the market of Quebec newspapers will stabilize in 2018. Le Devoir, despite its limited means, hopes to occupy the space left free by La Presse in paper format. All observers will also monitor the progress of LA PRESSE + that some call it a stroke of genius while others consider this project the failure of the decade. Let's mention that LA PRESSE + is not yet financially profitable ;

If there is a social momentum to be monitored in 2018, it will be the direction in which go the wave that began in 2017 in terms of the denunciations and accusations for abuse by the leaders of our society.
During the past year, many leaders have been eliminated from society and, unfortunately, their creations have also been swept away by the fall of the creators.
It is unacceptable that humans dominate and benefit from other humans but what happens if in their elimination, their empire is also eliminated? Thousands of employees are penalized by the fall of deplorable leaders.
The answer is not as simple as saying that we need exemplary leaders because this situation is utopian, a leader usually having qualities equal to his faults!

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2018.
Remember that the important thing in life is to adapt and survive as to continue your journey.
Have a nice trip!


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