mardi 10 avril 2018


By Bernard Bujold - 
 I have been a fan of Facebook since its creation in 2004 and I am convinced that the future of this social media is in no way threatened and that it is even promising, despite the fact that the network is currently experiencing a sort of existential crisis. Facebook has become essential to our modern civilization because the media has made communication between individuals easier and more effective. 
The question of confidentiality requires adjustments, not only from Facebook but also members who must apply the various protection mechanisms already offered by the site since a long time. But we can not eliminate this social network because it has become a way of life in the same way as Google or Apple with its iPhones, iPads and computers. 
I have always had a lot of admiration for Mark Zuckerberg because, in addition to the beauty of his creation, we have two points in common. 
First: Facebook started in 2004 a year before I started my own social media initiative with in 2005 and both Mark and I started our networks from a database consisting mainly of email addresses. This e-mail technology was at the time very revolutionary to communicate but it evolved afterwards and if I abandoned my project in 2010, Mark pursued it and he developed an empire. Facebook had a clear advantage at the level of the founders because if Mark was the computer brain (programmer), his three associates were all young fellow Harvard students including a genius in financial stuff learned from his wealthy family, a dynamic graphic designer and a skillful salesman (public relations specialist). The talent of the four founders added to Harvard's resources and reputation greatly enhanced Facebook's success. 
My second common point with Facebook is this Harvard Business School. Mark started Facebook when he was a student in Boston in the middle of the United States. Personally, I have always been very inspired by this university even though my only stay there was only limited to a few visits on the campus and that my intentions to study there have never been realized. However, I seriously considered studying there in 1982 because I was married for a time with an American girl from Hartford Connecticut and we had taken steps to settle in the United States, a project that we did not realized, forgetting Harvard to settle in Ottawa during the time of Brian Mulroney (1984). 
Today in 2018, I sincerely continue to believe that Facebook is a wonderful invention and I consider that Mark is a genius to have been the designer. Of course, no genius is perfect and I blame Mark for his political ideas (he is anti Donald Trump ...) but this is another story! 
I wish the best of luck to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook and I will continue to be a loyal user for years to come! 

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